RSM School Council

With an incredibly generous donation from FOSMA, the Eden Area was created so that children would have a quiet area to sit.  In School Council, this week, it was pointed out that there are still some children who choose to run and shout there.  The children agreed that they value the Eden Area. The Council’s simplest solution was to station a member of staff in the Eden Area.  This suggestion will be passed onto the Senior Leadership Team for their consideration.

Over many years, there have been discussions about how to balance the needs of the many footballers and the many netballers.  If they are on the multis together, it is difficult to keep each group apart, and if they are allocated separate times, less people are able to use the space. Our simply brilliant School Council came up with a possible solution, this week!  There is an area between the two multis where there are netball rings that the children can use to practise shooting.  What the children pointed out was that they are all the same height, and too short for the older children to use.  The School Council are therefore suggesting that some of the netball rings should be moved up, so that everyone who wants to practise their shooting can do so in a space away from the footballers.

A big thank you goes to the School Council who identify problems, but also suggest possible solutions!

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