Roger Stevens visits Years 5&6

On Friday, Years 5 and 6 spent a great afternoon with the poet, Roger Stevens. He began by reading some of his hilarious poems accompanied with tales of how the poems came about. His sense of humour kept the children absolutely engrossed, even if they groaned at many of his anecdotes. In workshops, Roger explored different ways of how to create a poem, perhaps by using a list format and showed the children the importance of reflecting on their work and not necessarily going with their first idea.
Following a suggested format, Kate in Year 6  wrote this as a first draft.
I am a Yeti
My name is The Great Unknown

I am feared
I am very fluffy
I am like a giant snowball

I was born up on a mountain, a mountain so tall and high

I saw the first snowflake fall and land on the summit of my mountain I saw the first crack of lightning from the dark night sky

I heard the first ledge of my mountain collapse to make a cave

I have touched the first ever fire

I know why the stars are there
I know why you are reading this

I was the first one to climb Everest

I am strong enough to carry this earth

I am from the future, waiting to meet you again

So goodbye to you and to all, but not for long Because I’ll be back!

I am a Yeti
My name is The Great Unknown.

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