P4C at RSM…

P4C promotes talking and deeper thinking which benefits many curriculum areas and develops important skills which will positively impact our children in all areas of their life. It encourages them to think for themselves, commit to their ideas, justify their opinions and reflect on any topic they are exploring, so helping them to find solutions. It helps children to deal with conflict, consider and challenge other views and demand evidence, in a caring and collaborative environment. Creativity and critical thinking are at the heart of every  session.

Topics can be chosen by a child or a teacher. Initially, ideas can also come from closed questions where there are clearer opposing sides to get discussion going. After all, ‘the harder the choice, the deeper the thinking.’ Voting can occur to guide the line of enquiry for more open questions. The children are free to steer thinking, with the teacher facilitating, and they are encouraged to talk to each other, not the teacher, which builds their confidence.

All children are given the freedom to speak and be heard; to share their views when considering bigger questions. After all, speech is where most of our thinking gets done. The more voices contributing, the more engagement occurs. We discover what we think in talking with others – our peers’ responses help us think better. In my opinion, children should be encouraged to access a ‘speech-confident’ version of themselves.

P4C promotes so many necessary life skills, including mutual respect, sharing talk fairly, building positively on others’ views, risk-taking, creativity, openness, taking turns, focused attention, eye contact and justification of our thoughts.

Mrs Winterhalder

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