A visit to Hever Castle..

As a Fabulous Finish to their ‘Castles’ topic, Year 1 had a brilliant day out at Hever Castle. The children could not believe their eyes when the castle came in to view and they made their way over the drawbridge and under the portcullis. Our guides, Owen and Harriet, took us to many different rooms within the castle and shared so many fascinating facts about the Tudors, particularly Henry V111, the Stuarts, the Elizabethans and the history of Hever Castle. The children asked intelligent questions and it was marvellous to see them apply their classroom knowledge to their surroundings. After such an interesting morning of learning, the children enjoyed playing in a castle of their own in the newly constructed play area. It was wonderful to hear their squeals of delight, witness their castle role play and camaraderie. All the teachers were so proud of the childrens behaviour and how wonderfully they represented Reigate St Marys.

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