#RSMFridayFastFive – Mrs Winterhalder

Mrs Winterhalder takes the #RSMFridayFastFive challenge this week.

Why teaching? I knew I wanted to teach when I was 7 years old, so asked my teacher what qualifications I would need and which the best subjects might be to study. I loved school, helping out in class and enjoyed the many opportunities that were available. I have always been keen to absorb new information and push myself, so the idea of being able to share that knowledge and enthusiasm with others was really exciting and the path I wished to follow. Even now, I set myself new challenges and skills to learn each year and love being out of my comfort zone, taking risks. I needed to know what life outside school was like, so have had other careers as Area Manager in Finance, Sales and Marketing, still involving opportunities to pass on my knowledge and skills, but this time to adults.

Which were your favourite subjects at school and what do you particularly enjoy teaching now? I enjoyed many subjects, particularly Science, Languages, Sport, Maths and Music. My biology teacher influenced my choice of degree in Science due to her passion. Having always loved ‘variety’, I particularly enjoy opportunities to teach a range of subjects to a variety of ages from very young to teenagers. It stimulates my brain and enthusiasm and keeps me fresh. Witnessing the moment a child suddenly ‘gets it’ is incredibly rewarding and to know you have been a part of that is very special indeed. Until you try something, you never know how good you will be at it, so I am a big believer in always giving new things a go. Learning is two way, we as teachers constantly learn from our students too. It’s a journey we take together.

A memorable moment in your teaching career? There are many, but perhaps when teaching two of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s children – Kelly and Jack. They always had something up their sleeves, particularly when needing a reason for being late to class. When Jack was in Year 5 I taught him double Maths for two hours first thing on Monday mornings – it wasn’t his favourite part of the week, so he was often late! He would smile sweetly as he politely apologised, giving a different excuse each time. One occasion saw him turn up just as the lesson was finishing, explaining that he had a TV engagement on the breakfast show. As I digested this information, considering my response, he reached into his bag and pulled out a recording he had made for me on VHS. Sure enough, he had indeed been too busy on TV to get to my Maths lesson. He definitely got the better of me that day!

What would you say is your most challenging moment teaching? Probably the day when four of my Year 8 Physics class were ill, leaving me with one very quiet child to teach! Difficult as group work or getting into pairs was not possible! I rapidly adapted my lesson to suit.

What quote has been prominent in your life? That’s tricky to think of just one, as I have so many adapted life quotes. Probably:

“You can do anything, if you open up your mind to it and believe you can! Never give up!”



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