Year 4’s Reigate walk

Year 4 had wonderful weather for their Stunning Start – a history detective walk around Reigate.  In the words of the children..

I really enjoyed our Year 4 trip around Reigate on Wednesday 1st May.  I learnt that Tunnel Road was the first road tunnel built in the country.  Also that the cage used to be a prison, hence the name cage.  Even though I live in Reigate, I didn’t know that the castle gateway was made out of stones from the demolished castle which means that it is not original!
Charlotte 4A

We absolutely loved finding out who Dame Margot Fonteyn was and that she would be 100 years old this month.  We were amazed that a child’s tudor tunic was found in the fireplace at Stonemans. What an incredible find.
Mia & Sophia 4W

I cannot believe that the castle on our blazers is linked to the castle gate in Reigate.  The donkey steps were so steep and were really difficult to walk down and even harder to walk up.  I never knew behind La Barbe  you can see the back of an amazing Tudor home.
Amelia 4W

Although I have been to Reigate lots of times, I did not know the Reigate was so old.  I like learning about the castle and when it was built and that the tunnel was the first road tunnel in the UK.
Lawrence  4A

The walk was amazing because I learnt so much about the history of Reigate.
Anzu  4GF

I’ve lived in Reigate my whole life but I have learnt so many more facts.
Imogen 4GF

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