Year 3 visit Merrist Wood

On Monday Year 3 embarked on an animal adventure when they visited Merrist Wood for the ‘Marvellous Middle’ of their Countryfile topic. Fortunately, the sun shone brightly, as the children made their way onto the farm to explore a number of animals. They were amazed at the sight of the pigs, wallowing in the cool mud as a way of protecting their delicate skin. Luckily, everyone escaped being covered in this, as the pigs then resorted to shaking off the mud! Year 3 also ventured into the animal encounters centre, where they came face-to-face with some amazing lizards, beautiful birds and an armadillo! Year 3 even had the opportunity to hold a slithering snake and were fascinated by this inquisitive creature. Well done Year 3 for making our Marvellous Middle a great success!

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