Year 1 had a wonderful sun filled day at Wisley

Yesterday Year 1 went to the beautiful  Wisley Gardens and were blessed with incredible weather.  First we walked along the path and smelled the candy floss tree and saw the strawberry tree that had fruit and flowers at the same time! Next we went to the Learning Centre and met our guides who gave us a safety talk about the gardens.  Then we took some collecting buckets and went on a walk to find things for our crowns.  Before we had lunch on a bench, we planted our marigold seeds that looked like caterpillars and talked about things the seeds would need to grow and be healthy.  Afterwards we went to the vegetable patch and saw a huge variety of vegetables that our Mums and Dads would buy from the supermarket.  We chose some of the vegetables to sketch and label in our science books.  Next we went out and played in the amazing new playground.  We climbed on the wooden bridge, saw the bat wings machine waving, bounced on the trampolines and swung on the monkey bars.  After that we reluctantly got back on the coach and finally got back to Reigate St Mary’s.  Year 1 had so much fun at Wisley Gardens!


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