Fairtrade Fortnight at RSM

Year 1
Created pieces of art using Fairtrade products including coffee, tea, rice and pasta. They discussed the importance of Fairtrade and how it ensures – better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.


Year 4 
During Fairtrade Fortnight Year 4 discovered how footballs are made and where.

They were astonished to discover that 80% of footballs are made in the village of Sialkot in Pakistan and that these balls are used in World Cup matches. The children were also surprised to learn that 40 million footballs are made annually from this village and 60 million in a World Cup year. So they were delighted to discover how Fairtrade is supporting the villages through the given Premium; the villagers have been able to install taps that provide clean water and books for the school children to use.

I found Fairtrade very interesting. I learnt that the people stitch inside out so the stitches do not show. I will shop differently and try to buy footballs from Fairtrade suppliers. I will also try to look out for Fairtrade more often.

Fairtrade is extremely important! But what is it? Fairtrade is when the people who grew, stitched or made the products get paid a fair amount of money for their kids education, books and bags. Fairtrade is stopping child labour, which means children have to work in factories.

I found out how footballs are made and what the Fairtrade sign means. People must be paid fairly because they work harder than some people who get paid more. We must appreciate what we have and be grateful and that people have spent time and effort doing it.

Fairtrade is something where the workers who either grow, create or make products in the shops, get paid a fair amount of money. Things in shops that don’t have a Fairtrade symbol on it means that the people who made the food or product, like toys, don’t get paid properly or fairly. Fairtrade makes sure that the workers get paid FAIRLY!

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