Sports Persons of the Month

Many congratulations to our Sports Persons of the month for their well deserved achievements.

Year 3 – Austin and Matilda
Year 4 – Clarabel and Kamran
Year 5 – George and Anishka
Year 6 – Daniel and Aqsa



Matilda has made great progress with her marking and intercepting skills in netball. Her chest passes are accurate to a player on the move and she always catches the ball well. She is a team player who has been very positive and focused during matches. Well done Matilda.

Clarabel has shown incredible determination to improve her netball. She works really hard in games lessons and this has led to her confidence growing. She now moves dynamically and her passing is more powerful and accurate.  She has become a really valuable member of any team she plays for. Congratulations Clarabel.

Anishka has worked hard at developing her netball skills and applying them in matches. She marks her player well, making it difficult for the opposition team to move the ball out of their defence. Her footwork is consistent and she positions herself really well after making a pass. Excellent effort Anishka.

Aqsa has made fantastic progress with her netball skills this term. Her footwork is good and she is really dodging with great timing to lose her opponent in matchplay. She also has improved her shooting technique and score some valuable goals for her team in House Netball last week. Well done Aqsa.

Austin has led by example during house matches. His attitude was fantastic and he was offering advice to other boys in the team. He didn’t get carried away when his team won and was respectful to his opposition. He is making tremendous progress in rugby. Well done Austin.

Kamran has been working incredibly hard in rugby this term. He is enthusiastic in lessons and always tries his best. He has also made fantastic progress with his swimming and demonstrates excellent commitment, regularly attending early morning swimming lessons. Congratulations Kamran.

George has taken on advice from his coaches and worked hard to improve his rugby skills. His attitude continues to improve and he is willing to adapt his game where necessary. He is determined, and always wants to do his best for his team. Well done George.

Daniel has been making excellent progress in games lessons this term. In rugby, he leads from the front and encourages those around him. His handling skills have improved greatly and often looks to pass to teammates in space. He has also made a very good start to Hockey this term and is has been developing his skills in training. Excellent effort Daniel.

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