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The Importance of IT Integration in Early Years

A recent study at Oxford found that the job opportunities that exist today may well be replaced by automation in the next 20 years.  We need to ask ourselves, ‘What skills do we need to develop in our children so they become happy, successful and responsible citizens of our world?’

It is essential that children are able to communicate, create, store, and manage information and develop robust coding and robotics skills. This can be achieved through well planned integration of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in all areas of their learning using a diverse set of ICT tools and a well-developed coding curriculum.

At Reigate St Mary’s, Early Years classrooms are exciting and inspiring places where the children use technology to explore. Metal detectors and colourful lightboxes aid enquiry and investigation. Voices are recorded on recordable whiteboards and easiSpeak microphones in preparation for writing or performance. Digital cameras allow work to be captured and shared on large interactive whiteboards by utilizing AirServer.

All of this boosts creativity, language and intellectual skills as well as fostering social interaction, curiosity and independent learning. It helps to develop higher order thinking skills, and provides the children with individualized options to express their understanding.

Rachael de Graauw
Year 2 Teacher

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