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#RSMFridayFastFive – Mr Alden

Form teacher, Mr Alden has taken the #RSMFridayFastFive this week.

Why did you choose a career working with children? – When I left school, I went to work for NatWest Bank but soon realised it was not for me! I began helping  with youth work at my local church in my spare time and enjoyed it so much that I left the bank and went to university to train as a teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 29 years in the profession.

Your favourite subjects at school? – When I was at primary school, I used to love PE, Art and Maths.  I must confess I think I enjoyed playtime the most!

What age do you enjoy teaching the most? – I have taught each year group from year 2  through to year 6 during my career and have enjoyed working right across this age band.

Most memorable moment in your teaching career? – It is so rewarding to see the children in my class grow and develop over the course of an academic year. Their progress gives me real pleasure and it is satisfying to be part of a child’s  ‘penny drop’ moment when they say – “Ahh…Now I get it.”

My favourite quote: Strange as it may seem but apt at the moment..

‘Plan for the worst – hope for the best!’

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