RSM to Lapland!

The challenge is on! Can the children at RSM collectively cover the virtual distance from Reigate to Lapland (as the sleigh flies) by walking, running, skipping etc before the end of term?

The children are doing this challenge to support Stripey Stork’s Santa Campaign to give Christmas presents to children who might not receive any this year due to the hardship COVID-19 is placing on many families.

We are hoping that every child tackling this challenge will be sponsored. For every pound raised 100% of it will go towards making a child’s Christmas special.

The Games staff are ready for the challenge to begin and are enthusiastically waiting to record the distance covered by each child. To check how well the school is performing a map will be frequently updated showing how many miles have been covered.

The question is, can the children of RSM achieve this target? Yes!  With the combination of the children’s’ perseverance and your continued support they can. Any contribution you can give will be greatly appreciated and will encourage the children to reach their goal. Donations can be made via this link.

Thanking you in advance for your support.

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