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I have said to many people on many occasions, being a Head Teacher is possibly one of the best jobs in the world. Getting that buzz when a 4 year old bounces into the playground and says ‘I love school’, or when a Year 5 girl smashes the high jump record, or when the 10/11 year old Lego Robotics Team bring back a trophy from an Under 16 competition, or when the Under 11 Hockey Team win the District Championships or when the child who always struggled with Maths has that lightbulb moment and fractions suddenly make sense – all of these give me a real thrill and put a huge smile on my face. If, however, you were to ask me what makes me most delighted it is when I see a real depth of character developing and I know that a young person in our care is going to be a brilliant citizen bringing love, light, creativity and positivity with them wherever they go. In this vein I was much moved this week to read some of the poems written by Year 4 pupils who have been studying Fairtrade and learning what it is all about. Below are two poems showing such depth of insight into the specific and wider issues Fairtrade seeks to address, from children who are barely 9 years old. This not only moves me but encourages me as the big global challenges our young people will face need compassion and insight from these, soon to be leaders and innovators.


The children at school were asked to take part in this year’s Fairtrade competition. They could choose to draw or write about the world they would like to live in under the title: ‘Choose the World You Want’. Here are two beautiful poems from Year 4.


Choose The World You Want by Harry P
Fairtrade is a choice, one we can all make,
A collective decision to choose love over hate.
In the world I choose, the scales aren’t tipped,
They are balanced just right, with fairtrade coffee sipped.
In the world I choose, fashion isn’t fast,
It’s sustainable cotton, made to last.
In the world I choose, every farmer could assume,
They’d be fairly paid for the food we all consume.
In the world I choose, working conditions will thrive,
No worker in poverty, struggling to survive.
In the world I choose, climate change will be addressed,
As the carbon we all create becomes less and less.
In a world like this, the Fairtrade logo wouldn’t need to persist,
Because unfair trade would no longer exist.


Choose The World You Want by Zoë B 
Why do I live in a world where not enough people care?
I want to live a happy life where everybody shares.
Why does it matter so much which country people are from?
I feel that things need to change so poverty is gone.

Why do people judge, like the cover of a book?
We should take a little time to take a second look.
Why do we use our world for all that it can give?
I’m scared the next generations won’t be able to live.

Why do we waste so much and why do we pollute?
Why do we damage a world that we really must salute.
I want to live in a world where differences don’t matter.
Something needs to change, or else our world will shatter.

Now we have the time to make the world a better place.
Let’s all forget our differences and be a happy human race.
Time is going quickly it’s flowing down the drain,
We need to make a change THIS IS NOT A GAME!

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