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Have you ever asked yourself whether you are doing a good enough job as a parent?  I imagine that this may have been a question that passed through your mind on a number of occasions during the lockdown period when you were trying to juggle family life, work and home schooling all at the same time. It is always a relief to hear that we aren’t the only ones going through these difficult times and that pretty much every parent has the same pressures and questions because no-one ever has training to do what is arguably the most difficult job in the world i.e. bringing up children. This is why we created a school/parent bookshop where you can either buy or borrow books which the school recommends on topics such as parenting, fatherhood, motherhood, managing teenagers, managing finances under pressure etc. as these are all subjects that we are likely to find challenging at times. The books we recommend have been helpful to generations of parents and if you would like to borrow one, or even buy one, please contact and we can leave one for you at the Reception Desk.

The books we have available are:

  1. The 60 Minute Mother – a remarkable book which taps into a multitude of feedback from mothers, helping every mum to ensure she makes the very best of her relationship with her children.
  2. The 60 Minute Father – as above but focussed on the father/child relationship.
  3. The 60 Minute family – similar to the above books but focussed more on family relationships than specific relationships between father or mother and child.
  4. The Heart of Success – a brilliant book about work/life balance and even your relationships within the work place.
  5. The Money Secret – a book which openly addresses the issue of crippling debt and how to get out of it.
  6. Teenagers – a book which will help you prepare for those turbulent teenage years and come through them still sane.
  7. Help Your Kids Stay Drug Free – sadly we live in a society where drugs are readily available to young people and the temptation and social pressures to dabble in drugs comes earlier and earlier. This is a great book for parents to help prepare for this challenge when it arrives.
  8. Detoxing Childhood – an insight into healthy eating and sleeping habits, developing life skills through play and making the most of the positive aspects of technology. Although this book is quite old it is still insightful.
  9. The Really, Really Busy Person’s Book on Parenting – a light hearted look at parenting but with some wise insights.
  10. The Really, Really Busy Person’s Book on Marriage – as above but with a focus on marriage, again insightful and challenging but light hearted.
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