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The Exciting Adventures of the RSM House Bears


After first arriving at RSM in the Autumn Term 2020, our lovable and cuddly House teddy bears have been enjoying all aspects of school life and making an appearance in lots of unusual places throughout the year.

They were first seen observing playtime and waving to the school’s happy learners from the window of the Headmaster’s office. They were then kindly helping out on the Reception desk (in a Covid secure way of course) ‘ eating their lunch in the lunch hall and reading books in the school library.

At Christmas they enjoyed the festivities and were seen near the school Christmas tree waving the children off for an enjoyable Christmas break. When everyone returned for the Spring term, they supported many school events such as World Book Day and Red Nose Day by dressing up and collecting charitable donations. 

Still unnamed, it was during a lockdown House assembly in February that the RSM Heads of House told the children about many different and inspiring people that they might like to name their House bears after. The children heard about why these people were famous, the contributions they had made to their specific area, their impact upon the world and also about adversities they may have had to overcome in order to become successful.

After the voting was complete, the bears were named as follows (all sports people – perhaps the forthcoming Olympics was an influencing factor!):

Hobson – Serena (Williams – Tennis player)
Malcomson – Mo (Farah – Athlete)
Osmond – Simone – (Biles – Gymnast)
Searle – Jesse (Owens – Athlete)

When the children returned to school in March after the second lockdown period of home learning, the House Bears were the first ones there to welcome them back into school.

At Easter time the bears were seen wearing bunny ears and hearing all about Easter from the visiting Easter Bunny! Summer Term brought with it some lovely weather and plenty of exciting House events. the bears had a fabulous time, culminating in the annual Sports Days when they enjoyed cheering the children on from the side-lines.

It really has been a wonderful first year for them. They are resting now and will be back on top form, ready to welcome everyone back to school in September.


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