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RSM’s Year 6 First Lego League Competition

This week’s celebration of the Year 6 teams’ First Lego League (FLL) achievements was the conclusion of a fantastic competition. The four teams enthusiastically built their medal, obviously made of Lego, and excitedly ‘drum rolled’ the presentation of the seven trophies!

During the competition the children have created their team’s identity and worked collaboratively to solve the numerous challenges. Each team identified a problem in how cargo is transported and devised an innovative solution. The teams then prepared and delivered an engaging presentation to share their conclusions.

The teams created algorithms and attachments for their robot, instructing it to solve the challenges on the competition table and score points.

The team’s celebrated their success, and failures, learning from both to achieve their overall goals. The children’s journey of discovery, what they learnt and achieved was the important thing – not the winning! However, as First LEGO League is sport for the mind and the competition underpinned everything they did, the following awards were presented.



Core Values Award – Robotic STEM Manufacturers     

This team displayed extraordinary enthusiasm. They knew they could accomplish more together than they could as individuals, and they always showed each other and the other teams respect.


Innovation Project Award – Dragon Delivery

This teams Innovation Project demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of their problem. They created a well-researched solution with huge potential, making deliveries more efficient, reducing time, packaging & impact on the environment.


Robot Design Award – Blue Lego Stars

This team utilised effective programming and robust engineering to instruct their robot & to successfully complete their chosen challenge missions.


Teamwork Award – Kodin Kings & Queens

This team were constantly engaging with each other in a positive and constructive way. Working together to solve the challenge, the height of their tower was over 10 cm higher than the other teams.


Team Spirit Award – Robotic STEM Manufacturers

This team smiled throughout each lessons & the whole competition. They had chosen roles within the team however they often helped their teammates with their tasks.


Robot Performance Award – Blue Lego Stars

This team scored the highest points in one round, successfully completing the most challenges on the table, with a best score of 185 points! Their robot was creatively coded & accurate, consecutively competing multiple missions.


The Champion’s Award  (overall winning team) – Robotic STEM Manufacturers

This award celebrates the team that embodied the FIRST®LEGO® League Challenge experience, by fully embracing the Core Values whilst innovatively achieving high scores in Robot Performance, Robot Design and the Innovation Project.


I was super impressed with the achievements of each team, they worked together, listened to each other, thought ‘out of the box’ and had great fun! A huge congratulations to all the children!


Simon Williams

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