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Eshan Finds Out About Lego Sustainability

Eshan in Year 4 is passionate about two things – sustainability and LEGO. He was curious to find out how the worldwide LEGO business was managing its environmental impact and wrote to them to ask a number of questions about this. He was thrilled to receive the following interesting responses from their head office which we are delighted to share with you:

How is LEGO reducing its CO2 impact?
The LEGO Group has committed to a science-based CO2 reduction target. This means that we are committed to reducing our absolute carbon emissions by 37% by 2032 against a 2019 baseline – and we are hard at work to get there. Among other things, we continue to invest in sustainable materials research to reduce the carbon footprint of LEGO® products  and work closely with our suppliers to help them reduce their impact. We also work to increase energy efficiency throughout our operations, expand the renewable energy capacity at our factory sites and design facilities to the highest environmental standards

Is LEGO using sustainable materials?
We have an ambition to make LEGO® elements from more sustainable sources by 2030 without compromising the quality and safety our products are known for. In 2018 we started making a range of botanical LEGO elements from sugarcane and in 2021 we announced our first LEGO brick prototype made from recycled plastic PET bottles. We are also hard at work to make all our packaging more sustainable by 2025.

What are your Zero waste goals?
By 2025, our ambition is to ensure no waste from any LEGO® factory, office, or store reaches landfill and we are on track to meet this target.  

Fascinating. Well done Eshan!


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