#RSMFridayFastFive – Miss White

Why did you choose a career working with children?

I’d always dreamed of being Blue Peter presenter (like many teachers I think) but being a teacher came a very close second! I worked with children during the holidays when I was at university in Manchester. I also volunteered in schools and met some really inspirational teachers, and pupils, which led me to this career choice.


Your favourite subjects at school?

I loved Maths, Drama and DT at school. I had the most incredible Maths teacher at secondary school who was so passionate about his subject that I think it rubbed off on all his pupils.  I was the only girl in my GCSE DT group and I remember wondering why this was and I hope that that now the balance is more equal. I also loved, and still love, Art although I remember being petrified of my Art teacher.


Why Upper School?

I love teaching English and I never cease to be be amazed by the writing that is created by pupils. I also love how much children change over the course of the year and feel privileged to be able to see them mature and grow. Now I have been at RSM for almost 8 years, I enjoy teaching siblings of previous pupils I have taught and seeing children join the school and then teaching them when they reach Upper School.


Most memorable moment in your teaching career?

There are so many it’s so hard to pick one! I once helped some Year 5 pupils choreograph a Bollywood dance to Jai Ho. They went away and taught the dance to the whole of the year group. All 60 children performed the dance perfectly to the whole school. I remember feeling incredibly proud.


My favourite quote:

‘Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.’

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