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Jubilee Celebrations at RSM

Our wonderful Jubilee celebrations today provided the perfect finale to an exciting half term.

The morning began with Matins in St Mary’s church and promotions for some of our choristers. Mr Fenton led the promotion ceremony which marks chorister’s progression as they pledge to serve in the choir and carry on a long standing choral tradition. This theme of ‘serving to lead’ has a distinct parallel with the Jubilee and was a fitting start to our commemorative festivities.

At lunchtime, the children were delighted to see the school playground adorned with colourful bunting, and the Queen herself (in cardboard cut-out form) standing regally on the Sunnyside balcony. As they gathered, it was a fantastic surprise when the CCF contingent Corps of Drums arrived to give her majesty a proper military salute.

The Corps members were pristine in their uniforms and sparkling boots as they marched to the wonderful beating of the drums. The Union Jack was raised as the sun shone, and the atmosphere lifted everyone’s spirits. A huge thank you to Mr Fenton for bringing the band over to show us their skillful drills, and for joining us for lunch beforehand. Everyone enjoyed fish and chips followed by a delicious Victoria sandwich cake baked by our marvellous catering team.

In assemblies this week we have been talking with the children about the Queen’s outstanding service to her people. Hope and inspiration can be drawn from the selfless example she sets and the many sacrifices she has made. Setting a good example provides a powerful and positive influence on us all, from those first steps in serving to lead a team, a CCF contingent, a choir, or in the Queen’s case, a nation. We hope that today has created some lasting memories that the children can cherish.


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