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RSM Meets a Lioness

This week we were incredibly privileged to have England Lioness Lauren Hemp join the whole school on a teams call to answer questions about her career as an International footballer.

We had this opportunity because Hanna B won a competition enabling us to have this virtual meeting with Lauren and we thank Hanna for giving everyone in the school this inspiring session.

Lauren came across as incredibly humble and gave some excellent advice. Having started football at the age of six she had to leave home at 16 to train to become the player she is today and she talked about being home sick and having to overcome this obstacle.

She talked about injuries and how you have to stay focused on the enjoyment of the sport, recognising the sacrifices that her parents had made to enable her to have the opportunities that she has had. Her three strongest pieces of advice were to believe in yourself, to work hard and to commit yourself to being the best version of yourself.

She also talked about how fantastic it is that these days there are opportunities for girls to play elite sport and have female role models as well.

When asked about the accolade of being the best player, again she focused entirely on the team saying that it doesn’t matter how good you are if you don’t work closely with the team around you and all pull together.

She really was a lovely young lady giving excellent advice with great humility. We were very lucky to have 20 minutes of her time.

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