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#RSMFridayFastFive – Mr Makroum

Why did you become a teacher?

My Mum is a teacher, so I guess between my brothers and me, one of us had to carry on the family tradition. That being said, all of us have ended up working in schools at some point of our careers.

When I was at school, particularly in primary, I remember having such inspirational teachers that I admired greatly. They inspired me to always do my best, so I wanted to do the same for children when I came to deciding what career to pursue. Having a job where you know you can make a difference is important to me. That moment where you’re teaching a child a new skill or concept and they get it is so rewarding. What I also love about teaching is that no day is ever the same. I like the variety and unpredictability that each new day brings.


Why Upper School?

I’ve taught in both and have really enjoyed both Upper and Lower school. I think my jokes and perhaps sarcastic sense of humour are lost on the younger children. Despite my class referring to my puns as ‘Dad jokes’. I know deep down that even if they don’t show it, they’re laughing on the inside (I hope)…


 Favourite Subjects at School?

I really enjoyed PE. Anything active and competitive is perfect for me! I also really enjoyed Maths. I loved the fact that with Maths there can be several ways and methods to get to the same answer. I was always quite interested in how other people’s brains worked and how they approach complex problems.


Most Memorable Teaching Moment? 

At a pervious school I had the chance to introduce touch rugby to a group of Year 3’s that had never played it before. After some time, I entered them into a touch competition against other schools. In the tournament they reached the final on both occasions (sadly missing out on winning twice). From this, many of them took a keen interest in rugby and joined local rugby clubs which I was immensely proud of. I’m hoping that they’re still playing today!


Favourite Quote?

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” A. Einstein.

I love this quote. I think it’s really powerful. Each person has a unique set of gifts, talents and skills. I think it’s important that we consider ‘intelligence’ or ‘ability’ as so much more than a written exam on paper. Each individual, child or adult, will thrive in an environment where they’re able to show what they can really do.

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