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We are adding an extra class to Year 3 in 2024…

It is not too late to join our expanded Year 3 this September. We have added an extra class to meet the growing demand for entry into our Upper School.

Alongside strong academics, an excellent pastoral care system and outstanding facilities, we offer an unrivalled character education programme for all year groups called Education for Social Responsibility (ESR), which is fully integrated into the curriculum.  At the heart of it is a focus on the wellbeing of each individual child, the wellbeing of teams they will work within and the wellbeing of the planet.

ESR prepares children to be open minded and considerate, creative and compassionate, good citizens and active members of the community, with the confidence to be leaders and change makers in the future. Space and time is made within the school timetable to develop the children socially and emotionally and instil within them a strong moral compass so they can navigate the inevitable ups and downs of life.

In an ever-changing world, it is important preparation for their future lives. ESR readies them for the challenges and opportunities of senior schooling and sets them on a path to a happy and fulfilled adulthood.

To find out more, contact our Admissions Officer, Jenny Myddleton at

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