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World Book Day 2023

Intriguing Displays
All pupils enjoyed their time in the library this week and seeing the lovely World Book Day display with all their favourite book characters.

Dressing Up
It was lovely to see the children so excited about World Book Day, bringing to school, along with their smiles, an array of props and headbands as well as their favourite book. The children had fun sharing their books with their friends and talking to us about why they liked the book. We also took the opportunity to discuss the features of books and one or two of the children had even spent time at home having a go at writing and illustrating their own!

Author Webinars
Years 4-6 took part in a webinar with the author, Chris Smith, co-writer of the ‘Kid Normal’ books and magical mystery stories such as ‘Frankie Best Hates Quests’. It was a really interesting afternoon, with Chris not only talking about his books but also his journey to becoming an author and gave some insight into how to write fabulous stories.

RSM became a very significant part of the webinar, as almost all the questions posed to Chris came from us. And great questions they were too!

It was great to see the children inspired to write themselves. We have some of Chris’ books in the school library, so do check them out!



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