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RSM on the World Economic Forum website

Over the last few months we have been collaborating with educational resource producer Twin Science to look at further embedding STEM for Sustainability at RSM and beyond.

We were therefore delighted that we were mentioned on the World Economic Forum website in an article entitled Why sustainability must become an integral part of STEM education.

The intention is to inspire our pupils to be future change makers, and to learn how to make use of technological advancements to deal with serious sustainability issues, including climate change. The approach involves helping the children to develop social awareness, learn about responsible decision-making, exercise their conscience and consider the collective well-being of society.

This has always been at the heart of our Education for Social Responsibility (ESR) programme and is woven into every aspect of learning at RSM.

The article ends with a quotation from our Headmaster Marcus Culverwell:

The truth is the 21st century is going to be a really challenging time for the rising generations. So it’s imperative that we equip them with a knowledge of the issues and the skills to deal with problems caused by climate change, such as food security and water scarcity. We need to see STEM For Sustainability integrated into our curriculums just as thoroughly as English and maths are and we need to see that in every school across the country.

Read the full article on the World Economic Forum website here.

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