Science and Technology


Computing and robotics are embedded into the curriculum from age two

Technology is integrated into all areas of learning. Our very youngest children develop language skills and creativity using Lightboxes, iPhone walkie talkies and Tinker Tables. They have fun learning coding using Code-a-pillars and Beebots and this also helps to build perseverance and organisational skills.

As the children progress through the school, technology continues to be embedded within their learning. All year groups use iPads across the curriculum and pupils from Year 4 upwards have their own iPads bringing a world of independent learning and research into every lesson. Use of the green screen and special educational applications give the children extensive experience with software and hardware.

In their computing lessons, they are introduced to 3D design through CAD software and more complex robotics and coding. Our Lego Robotics team are UK finalists in the annual worldwide Lego Robotics competition. (read about our recent success here)

The children learn coding and robotics in our PC suite and Apple Mac-equipped robotics lab


Investigation is a fundamental part of science lessons and the children are encouraged to be inquisitive. We firmly believe that hands on experiences are the best way to answer scientific questions and the children are encouraged to be excited and curious.

Science starts in Kindergarten with textures, magnifying glasses and lots of fun. From Year 3, lessons build on the children’s scientific skills and by the time they reach Year 6, they can confidently design investigations to answer their own questions as well as carrying out directed investigations such as dissecting a heart.

Science Technology Engineering the Arts and Maths (STEAM)

STEAM is a curriculum which draws together science, technology, engineering the arts and maths into practical lessons which teach children to be creative problem solvers. Year 5 and 6 have weekly STEAM classes and the skills and attitude to learning they acquire carry over into other lessons with a particularly positive impact on problem solving in maths.

RSM Pupils Become Plastic Changemakers

Pupils exhibit a high level of information and communication technology (ICT) skills. Older pupils demonstrate advanced digital expertise in programming and robotics.

ISI inspection Report Feb 2023



We cannot tell you how much we admire your teachers, the philosophy and ethos of RSM and the total commitment from everyone to the rounded education of our children.

Parent 2021

Pupils are confident, curious learners with outstanding social skills.

ISI Inspection Report Feb 2023

My daughter is having the time of her life at RSM! She comes out of school full of smiles and information about her day - it’s so lovely to see.

Parent 2022