Cyber Safety

Reigate St Mary’s internet safety...

We stick to the rules and say safe:

  • We always ask before using the internet.
  • We only email people our teacher has approved.
  • We only send emails that are polite and friendly.
  • We always type carefully and try to perform a safe search.

  • We NEVER arrange to meet anyone that we do not know.
  • We NEVER browse websites that are not suitable.
  • We NEVER give our personal details.
  • We NEVER use social networking websites.


Below are useful links providing a wide range of internet safety information:

Share Aware

Share Aware is an NSPCC campaign that gives parents the confidence and support to help keep their children safe online. This campaign highlights the dangers of children sharing too much information on social networks.

The Share Aware campaign is aimed at parents of 8-12 year old children and features two animations. The animated films follow the stories of two children who share too much about themselves online. Both films aim to communicate the message that although children are taught that it’s good to share, this is not always the case online.

The campaign follows new guidelines produced by the NSPCC alongside digital agency ‘Beyond’ to help inform parents about the potential risks and benefits of different social networking sites used by children.

A Parent’s Guide to Being Share Aware

Net Aware

Net Aware is linked with the above NSPCC campaign Share Aware. The website enables parents to find basic information about the most popular social media websites and apps.

This includes information on what each site can be used for (messaging, sharing photos, playing games etc.) and the minimum age you must be to register. It rates the suitability of these sites for young people. Not only does it give you the legal age as set by the owners of the website, but it also gives you a suggested age as voted for by parents and by children.

Net Aware is very easy to navigate. Each social media site that is listed includes important links that will help you use the site more safely. For example, on the Facebook review page it gives a link to all information needed on privacy settings. This saves time trawling through pages. There is also a useful link for reporting inappropriate content or ‘blocking’ contact from strangers.


Think U Know

‘Thinkuknow’ is an education programme from the National Crime Agency’s CEOP Command. ‘Thinkuknow’ has been keeping children and young people safe by providing education about sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

The website can be used by both parents and children. There is an activity and education page for children spanning different age ranges. There is also a significant area for parents which falls into three categories. The first allows parents to find out more about how to educate their children. the second provides parents with information and advice about what to do if they have concerns for their child. The final section allows parents and carers to report an incident to the national crime agency.

‘Thinkuknow’ is unique. It is underpinned by the latest intelligence about child sex offending from CEOP Command. It aims to ensure that everyone has access to practical information – children, young people, their parents and carers and the professionals who work with them.

Internet Matters

This website has a great deal of extremely useful resources to help make informed choices about children’s online safety. There are relevant resources throughout the site which are approached in really practical ways to be incorporated into the life of a family. Its ‘real world’ approach is logical, effective and extremely constructive –

‘Learn about it’ – What is it?

‘Talk about it’ – Discussion points for parents to provoke family time conversations.

‘Deal with it’ – Practices to put in place to help confront, and hopefully solve/improve, the problem.

I have used the Safer Internet Day resources over the previous three years to present to and make our pupils aware of, within their computing lesson, the danger in which the important day has focused on. It is put together extremely well and provides the user with effective tips, support and guidance.

BBC Webwise

The BBC has provided a useful website with information and facts on this essential topic. It includes video content that approaches essential issues. It contains varied material that can be used but more about what the web is, how it can be used and how it works than solely to give Internet safety material.

Grid Club and the Cyber Cafe



Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre

UK Safer Internet Centre

Childnet International


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