Sporting Activities

Spring Term 2019

Please see below details of PE and Games lessons for the Spring Term.

Upper School

Girl’s Sport – Netball (skort, red polo shirt, trainers, white ankle socks, tracksuits)
Boy’s Sport – Rugby on Wednesdays (tracksuit, rugby top, football shorts, blue and white hooped socks, mouthguard and football boots in a boot bag). Hockey on Fridays at Hartswood shin pads and mouthguards essential)
PE Lessons – All Upper School will be swimming during their PE lessons this half term (Spring 2)

Games days – Year 3&4 (Tuesday and Thursday), Year 5&6 (Wednesday and Friday)

PE Days – Monday 4A, 4GF and 5B/Tuesday 5GN/ Wednesday 4W, 3S/Thursday 6A, 6R/Friday 3HW

Important PE Reminder – Earrings

In line with guidance from the Association of Physical Education, earrings should never be worn during PE or Games lessons or matches.  There is a risk of earrings getting caught and earlobes being damaged or puncture wounds caused to the neck and this is the reason for the ruling. It is in the children’s interest not to wear them on the days they have PE, Games, swimming and matches.  To save the risk of a child removing earrings and losing them, or not being able to remove them themselves and having to miss a PE, Games, Swimming lesson or match it is best if they do not wear earrings on those days. If children do wear ear studs they must be able to remove them and store them safely themselves otherwise they will not be allowed to partake in physical activities.

Lower School

Reception wear navy shorts, house t-shirt, hoodie and white ankle socks for PE and Games. They wear white trainers for Games and black plimsolls for PE.

Year 1&2 wear navy shorts, house t-shirt, hoodie, white trainers and white ankle socks for Games and PE.  

SwimmingCommences on Friday 11 January. All Reception children will be swimming at Donyngs Leisure centre on Fridays in the Spring Term. Year 2 children will also be swimming on Fridays during the Spring Term. Kit – towel, navy swimming costume or trunks – not baggy swim shorts – swim hat – RSM caps available at SWOTS)

Reception Games – basic football skills – dribbling, kicking and aiming.
Year 1 Games –  Developing football skills – dribbling, kicking and aiming
Year 2 Games – Girls- netball skills, Boys -football skills.

PE Reception – Gym skills – stretching and curling movements.
PE Year 1 – Gymnastic skills
PE Year 2 – Gymnastic skills


When my children get up in the morning, they want to go to school. I never had that at their last school.


Throughout the school, all pupils are confident, articulate and emotionally mature for their age.

ISI Inspection Report Dec 2015

Children’s learning and skills acquisitions are enhanced by the adults’ interacting, warm, positive and caring ways.