Upper School



Key Stage 2

Upper School children benefit from a curriculum designed to develop intellectual character, analytical skills, evaluative skills and creativity to foster a love of learning. This not only brings added enjoyment and understanding to lessons but also better equips pupils for success in senior schools and future life.

At Reigate St Mary’s, we are passionate about teaching children how to reach their potential, develop independence of enquiry and the ability to analyse and draw conclusions through using both modern and traditional research techniques.

Our pupils are encouraged to read for pleasure as well as for interest and knowledge.  Having access to a well stocked library with a broad range of reading materials has an obvious positive impact on the development of their vocabulary.  By Year 6, we help children to become confident and articulate speakers.  A varied approach to the curriculum enables pupils to write for a range of purposes, to read for information with understanding and enjoyment and to take pride in the presentation of written tasks.  Involvement in end of year productions, regular visits by established children’s authors and the celebration of poetry gives pupils an appreciation of the many different facets of the subject.

In Maths we aim to create confident and competent young mathematicians who are competent problem solvers.  Wherever possible the children are taught the real life situation which relates to the maths skill they are acquiring.  The focus is on making lessons appealing and fun.   “Reigate St Mary’s makes Maths fun!”  (Parent comment)

Science is taught through investigative work. Where possible, children build a body of key foundational knowledge and concepts. They are encouraged to develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena.

Computer Technology
We are proud of our PC Suite and our Apple Mac equipped Computer Robotic Lab, developing children’s understanding of and ability to recognise that a sequence of actions can achieve an outcome. Within computing pupils learn what an algorithm is; create sequences of instructions and code, analysing and understanding that efficient programming is important for effective outcomes.

Pupils are introduced to 3D design and computer numeric control through CAD software, with the ability to design and then make a product utilising our computer controlled cutting machine. By Year 6 children confidently use various computer programs, including Microsoft Office, and have dependable keyboard and mouse skills.

A growing number of iPads and iPods in Years 4-6, supported by comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage, are used across the entire age range for cross-curricular ICT work, independent research and subject specific educational applications. Pupils are taught to develop the essential skills for life through discovery, investigation and experience with relevant software and hardware.

Children learn about E-Safety and what to do if they encounter something inappropriate online. They know that they can report it by clicking a CEOP button like the one below:

Education for Social Responsibility (ESR)
Reigate St Mary’s is at the forefront of this drive to embed Education for Social Responsibility into the curriculum and culture of our school.  Woven into the curriculum there is a focus on understanding of well being, developing intelligent behaviours, appreciating the balance between rights and responsibilities, developing a deeper knowledge of the world and the opportunities ahead to engage in the development of a sustainable future world economy.

A cross-curricular approach known as a creative curriculum of integrated learning is used to make lessons more engaging.  Art lessons often link with integrated foundation lessons and there are a number of field trips from Years 4 to 6.

From Year 5, pupils gradually take on more responsibility within the school.  Pupils train as Peer Mediators and become more involved in School Council and Eco Committee where they field and communicate the views of fellow pupils.  Year 6 pupils all have a leadership role for the duration of the school year.

School Council
The School Council is the forum for students to discuss issues that concern them. Council members are drawn from Years 1 to 6 and meet fortnightly. Areas where the School Council have affected change range from ensuring there are enough footballs to play with during break times, to considering how to make the playground a friendly place. From improving after school provision, to giving feedback to the cooks and bursar about school dinners. The School Council is the voice of the students.

Eco Committee
At Reigate St Mary’s we believe that protecting our environment is extremely important.  Therefore, we run an Eco Committee and children from Year 3 to Year 6 represent their classes, monitoring our progress as an Eco School, ensuring that the school is run as efficiently as possible, keeping our carbon footprint down, recycling all that we can and embracing all eco-friendly best practice.

Extra-curricular clubs
The school offers many opportunities for pupils to take part in clubs after school.  Many of these clubs support the Games, Drama and Art Departments.