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New Classroom Block

Over recent years the school has grown in popularity and consequently in numbers, and we have been considering ways in which we can improve and expand the classroom accommodation. We are delighted to be able to announce that the Governors have approved a new four classroom block that will accommodate the Year 5 and 6 classes. These classrooms will be quick build, spacious, well equipped and comfortable; benefitting from eco-friendly heating, good insulation and bright LED lighting.

The benefits of this new classroom block will go beyond providing excellent dedicated classroom space for Years 5 and 6. It will free up other classrooms to accommodate, amongst other things, fully dedicated art and science spaces and more space for drama, music ensembles and dance. The fantastic FOSMA team will be arranging fundraising for special equipment for art and science, as well as the fitting out of a new ‘Wellbeing Hub’, which will provide a wellbeing focussed space to support pupil’s emotional and social needs.

The new building will also enable us to reinstate our main Library and provide every age group with a well-resourced and spacious form room.  So, subject to planning permission, which we are confident will go through, the new building will be ready for September 2021. Below are some drawings of the proposed block which will be situated adjacent to the Sports Hall and will therefore not impact upon break time play space or Games/PE training space.


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