Getting Reception Ready

Sam Selkirk has some tips on what your child can be practising over the summer holidays if they are starting Reception with us in September 2023:


  • Getting dressed independently
  • Getting changed and dried after swimming
  • Turning clothes the right way out
  • Putting on their coast and doing it up independently – including zip/buttons (on a cooler day!)
  • Putting gloves on

Tidying Up

  • Picking up fruit and small object with pincer grip
  • Putting things in the bin/recycling when you have finished with them – e.g snack wrappers, banana skins


  • Holding scissors correctly
  • Cutting in a straight line
  • Carrying a tray (with something on!)
  • Using a knife and fork
  • Packing and unpacking a bag including putting snacks away
  • Pouring milk/water from a jug independently
  • Opening packets/boxes and bananas

Toilet Independence

  • Going to the toilet and washing hands by themselves


  • Sharing and taking turns
  • Blowing/wiping their nose
  • Following simple instructions
  • Asking for help – but only after having a go themselves first!


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