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Something Sticky Topic in Reception

For their topic this term, our #RSMhappylearners in Reception have been focusing on ‘Something Sticky’ and in their classrooms there is lots of evidence of this:

As part of this the children have made potions in the mud kitchen after collecting natural resources from Forest School and the children wrote about them in the writing area.

They learnt about Harry Coover, the inventor of super glue, and explored the properties of PVA glue, making sticky collages on washing line in the Reception classrooms.

They read ‘Snail Trail’, a story about a snail looking for a portrait of himself in an art gallery. This linked to Matisse’s ‘The Snail’ and the children then used coloured shapes like Matisse to decorate their own snail.

They created paintings of what happiness looks like to them and they are displayed in photo frames above the home corner.

On the classroom doors and windows there is autumn artwork, again in relation to the topic.


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