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A few year ago some young men approached me outside a pub – “Hello Mr Culverwell do you remember us?”, they said and although they had of course changed enormously since they sat in my science lessons 10 years before, I did recognise both of the young men who stood before me. They enthusiastically shared that they were both studying science related degrees at university and implied (perhaps generously) that their enthusiasm for the sciences had been ignited in those early days of my lessons.

The contribution of life sciences, aerospace and clean energy to the UK economy is already significant and is likely to grow in the coming years and therefore we are proud of our science and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) curriculums and it excites me when younger children are themselves excited about science and technology. In the UK we have always been strong in these areas and seeing children as young as our Reception age group undertaking investigations into the impacts of acidity on the shell of an egg absolutely delights me.

From an early age it is quite easy to see those who have a natural interest in these areas and we are keen to harness that enthusiasm, to encourage and develop their thinking and creativity and to perhaps give our young people the confidence to enter into these exciting and growing sectors in the not too distant future.

I also hope that all of you who have been helping your children at home have enjoyed the scientific investigations too – perhaps you have even learned something yourselves!

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