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#RSMFridayFastFive – Mrs May

Why did you choose a career working with children?

Throughout my life I have always gravitated towards jobs that involve working with children. I have always liked to be creative and have fun, and working with children enables me to do that on a daily basis. I enjoy the team environment and love that every day is a learning experience for all.


Your favourite subjects at school?

My favourite subjects at school were drama and maths. I had a love of performing when I was little and used to dance on television quite a bit. I was also involved in some stage shows. Unfortunately I do not have that kind of confidence anymore and prefer to be directing rather than starring in a show! Drama is a marvellous way for the children to express themselves and have lots of fun.  I loved to problem solving in maths, which is perhaps why I have chosen to go into a mix of management and teaching.


Why Lower School?

I have always enjoyed working with young children. I used to babysit a lot whilst I was in High School and University and then moved on to work with integrating young children with difficulties into main stream school after my first degree, Psychology. I find this age group extremely rewarding.


Most memorable moment in your teaching career?

My very first day with my own class. It felt so wonderful! I came into teaching later in life and realised that this was something that I was destined to do.


My favourite quote:

A quote that Mr Culverwell uses a lot: ‘ Be kind, be kind, be kind’

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