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Wellbeing Expert, Dick Moore, Visits RSM

On Monday, mental health campaigner Dick Moore returned to RSM and spent the day running sessions with Year 6 children, all teaching staff and then with parents in a packed sports hall.

Entitled “And how high can you fly with broken wings?”, Dick’s hour-long talk explored the emotional rollercoaster of adolescence, emphasising the need for all young people to have at least one person to talk to, to lean on, and to connect with. Combining neuroscience with personal experience, Dick discussed helpful coping strategies when times get tough and the ‘stress bucket’ threatens to overflow, sharing inspirational video clips and reminding us all of what is truly important in a pressurised and competitive world.

Echoing many of the messages that we at RSM believe to be fundamental, Dick reminded parents that all behaviour is a form of communication (no matter the young person’s age), and that key skills such as resilience and emotional intelligence are every bit as important for a happy, balanced life as exam results. To finish, Dick gave ten top tips, the first of which was to keep communicating with your child’s school if anything worries you; we couldn’t agree more.


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