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RSM Choristers Visit the Royal Hospital Chelsea

Our visit to the Royal Hospital Chelsea on Monday was wonderful in every way. We were given a tour around the grounds and buildings and found some interesting information e.g. the hospital was founded in 1692 by King Charles II. In the Wren Chapel the choir stalls were made by carpenter Grinling Gibbons whose trademark was a pea pod hidden amongst his carvings. The pea pod was closed until the bill was paid and then he would add the peas. The Wren Chapel was designed by Christopher Wren and it has a domed ceiling which he made prior to building St Paul’s Cathedral.

All this wonderful setting is home to the Chelsea Pensioners and stepping inside and seeing their day-to-day life was insightful and inspiring.

The Wren Chapel had great acoustics and singing in front of and with the Chelsea Pensioners was very special and such fun, especially when I could see them smiling and enjoying listening to us. The solos from Sharon and Henry and the duet from Jennifer and William were amazing. Overall, I thought visiting The Royal Hospital was a great experience and one I will always remember. I really loved making the Pensioners happy and seeing the joy on their faces as we sang.

Jennifer, Chorister

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