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#RSMFridayFastFive – Mrs Wright

Annette Wright, our Deputy Head takes the #RSMFridayFastFive this week..

Have you always been a Maths teacher? –  I used to be an Army officer so teaching is my second career. Both have been really rewarding.

Which House would a Sorting Hat put you in? –  Well I thought I’d’ be Hufflepuff as I try to be nice and work hard but my daughter told me it’s a big deal. So I went onto the Pottermore Sorting Hat website and it sorted me as Gryffindor – maybe as I’m brave that links to the army! My patronus is a vole and my wand is a 13 inch dragon heart string apparently. So I’m all ready for the wizarding world!

Why do you love Maths? –  because it is everywhere and it’s creative! Maths, it could be argued, changes the world in all sorts of ways and it is essential that children are numerate.

Best teaching moment? – it’s a privilege to work with kids on a daily basis. I’ve wracked my brains about this question and perhaps it was after a school trip when on public transport a man asked one of my class – ‘what does she do then?’ The child replied,  ‘well she teaches Maths’ (as if he should have known.) He then asked the child to name the prime numbers from 1-100 and the child got every single one right! He smiled and said – ‘she isn’t half bad eh?’ I was so proud!

Favourite quote? – I’m not sure of its origin and it’s not using the correct scientific vocabulary obviously –  however I have always liked it.

 If you wish in life prosperity to see, never put your wishbone where your backbone should be.


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