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Lower School Owl Visit

All the children in Lower School were treated to a visit from the UK Owl and Raptor Centre this week, where we got to meet 3 beautiful owls; Bindi, Zazu and Aileen. 🦉🦉🦉

It was amazing to learn all about the owls habitats and behaviour, we learnt that there are 230 types of owl around the world but most owls don’t say “twit twoo” – only one makes that noise!

We all watched in awe as they glided over our heads and explored the Sports Hall around us. They got so close to us and we could feel them brush past us! 😯

We also learnt that their hearing is brilliant, but their ears are inside their head and they are lopsided, with one up high and the opposite down low! Their hearing is so important for finding their prey.

We asked lots of excellent questions, and were surprised to hear that not all owls are nocturnal, Aileen the British owl comes out at dawn and dusk.

What an amazing experience! 🦉🦉🦉


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