Aims and Ethos

We are a community where:

  • We seek to make every child feel valued and safe and provide an environment where they can be recognised for their individual strengths, talents, effort and progress.
  • Children will develop emotionally and spiritually. They will be encouraged to develop a strong moral compass where academic excellence is balanced with an understanding of social responsibility and care for one another.
  • They will learn to work cooperatively and gain confidence in public speaking and performances.
  • Excellence in academic, sporting and artistic achievement are abundant, but where children enjoy coming to school and form happy and strong relationships which will often endure for life.
  • Children experience a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities to develop skills and try new and exciting activities which might become leisure activities for life.


Pupils prosper greatly within a culture where they are encouraged to contribute positively to the school, the local community and wider society.

ISI Inspection Report Feb 2023


I could not be more proud of how my children are progressing both as students and as human beings.  I think “good progress” is an understatement.

RSM Parent 2022