Upper School – Year 5&6

Summer Term 2018


The Upper School Team

The school day

8.25 am           The bell is rung in the playground and the children line up in their form groups.  Please ensure that children arrive at school by 8.25 am ready for registration to begin immediately.

8.40 am           Matins on Tuesday and Friday

8.45 am           Assembly/Hymn Practice/ Form Time/Acheivement assembly – These run on a rotational basis. Details of what’s on each week can be found in the school calendar.

3.40 pm           Lessons end and children return to their form rooms for deregistration.

4.00 pm           Children are dismissed.  The form teacher takes the form out to the playground and there may be an opportunity for a brief word with parents.  However, appointments can be made to see the form or subject teacher by contacting the school office, or through a note in the diary.

Please remember to inform the form teacher if there is a change in the collection routine for your child.  No child will be allowed to leave school with anyone other than their usual carer without written notification.
Pupil belongings
Please ask your child to check that they have their reading diary, homework book,  pencil case and water bottle in their school bag each day. We would like to ask you to initial the diary on a daily basis to indicate that the homework has been monitored.  Parents are encouraged to make use of the homework diary to inform the teacher of any concerns or problems that may have arisen with the homework, or regarding other concerns. This diary is regularly checked by the class teacher.

The class timetable and a homework timetable can be found in the homework diary.

Each pupil has been given a peg to keep their school bag and blazer on. We ask them to use it for warm outdoor coats during the winter and for swimming bags. Larger kit bags are stored in the marked areas in the pound.



  • Curriculum Jigsaws - Summer Term 2018
    Year 5
  • Year 6


When my children get up in the morning, they want to go to school. I never had that at their last school.


Throughout the school, all pupils are confident, articulate and emotionally mature for their age.

ISI Inspection Report Dec 2015

Children’s learning and skills acquisitions are enhanced by the adults’ interacting, warm, positive and caring ways.