At Reigate St Mary’s, we believe that an outstanding Early Years education lays the foundations for everything that follows. Our Nursery classes are the perfect first step into a wonderful world of exciting learning for your child. 

Our nursery has two year groups. Green Shoots welcomes children in the academic year they turn 3 and Kindergarten welcomes them in the academic year they turn 4 (it is the pre-school year).

Parents often ask how we differ from day nurseries. Just like them, we are open around 48 weeks of the year, from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm, helping you juggle work and parenting. Like them, we accept childcare vouchers and Government funded childcare (15 hours). Warmth, kindness and love are as abundant here as in all the best home from home nursery settings.

However, being rooted in a school community brings additional benefits:


Experienced and highly qualified staff with degrees in Early Years education and, from Kindergarten upwards, qualified teacher status. Your child is in the safest of hands.

Excellent staff ratios meaning individual care and attention aplenty for your child, and the flexibility as a parent to add extra sessions when needed.

A head start thanks to purposeful, exciting and creative activities, which encourage gross and fine motor skills, develop pre-phonological skills and lay the foundations for thinking skills. They believe they are playing with little robots; we know otherwise.

The children become familiar with the characters Have a Go Hippo, Choosing Chimp and Busy Bee to assist them in making decisions.

Meaningful partnership with parents: from the home visit before your child starts, to termly parents’ evenings and regular online feedback; from the daily face to face updates on potty training and naps, to help with the small but important worries (yours and theirs!)

Access to facilities galore: think purpose-built sensory and climbing areas,  all weather play spaces – padded for the inevitable tumbles – nature areas for exploring, technology such as light boxes and ipads.

The seamless transition into Reception that comes from a joined up curriculum spanning ages 2 to 11, familiarity with routines, staff and buildings and a sense of already belonging to the community.

EYFS Profile Analysis 22-23

To find out more about joining Green Shoots and Kindergarten, contact our Admissions Officer, Jenny Myddleton at jmy@reigatestmarys.org or visit our admissions pages.

Have a look around our newly refurbished Kindergarten Classrooms.


EYFS children rapidly gain a broad range of skills as they engage wholeheartedly in activities that cover all areas of learning.

ISI Inspection Report Feb 2023