Fees for the Academic Year 2021-22

With effect from 1 September 2021, termly fees for Reigate St. Mary’s have been set by the Governors as follows:

Nursery (Green Shoots & Kindergarten)

Green Shoots: minimum 3 mornings (0825-1200) – £1,200 per term

Kindergarten: minimum 5 mornings (0825-1200) – £2,000 per term

Optional sessions: additional morning in Green Shoots – £400 termly, full days in Green Shoots or Kindergarten (0825-15.30) – £858 termly per day (incl. lunch)

Lower School (Reception, Years 1 & 2) – £4,325 per term

Upper School (Years 3 to 6) – £5,420 per term

Wraparound care (before & after school) and holiday clubs (covering all but 4 weeks of the year) charged separately and in addition.

Surrey County Council Funding

We currently accept the Surrey County Council Early Years Funding (15 hours) for children between their 3rd and 5th birthdays (available from the term after they turn 3 up to and including the term in which they turn 5).

Government Childcare Vouchers

Reigate St Mary’s currently accepts Government childcare vouchers (e.g. Accor and Busy Bees) up until the term following the child’s fifth birthday.  Childcare vouchers and the Government tax free childcare scheme can be used to pay for the following:
  1. School fees up to and including the term in which your child turns 5 years old.
  2. Breakfast Club
  3. Extended Day
  4. Holiday club – RSM & RSM Early Years Clubs
You cannot use them for:
  1. School fees (except as above)
  2. School trips
  3. School electives


Whilst an elder brother or sister is in attendance at either Reigate St Mary’s or Reigate Grammar School, a 5% and 10% discount will apply to the second and third siblings respectively.

School fees are payable in full by the first day of term. These are payable by termly direct debit (which is our preference – a DD form can be downloaded below), by direct credit into the school’s bank account or by cheque. The tuition fee is subject to alteration at one term’s notice.

The school operates a ‘Fees in Advance’ scheme or Composition Scheme for those parents who wish to reduce the cost of their child’s education by making an advance lump sum payment to the school.

School Fee Plan – starting August

School Fee Plan – starting September

Spread the cost and pay your termly school fees by Direct Debit
SFP is a trading name of Premium Credit Limited

A deposit of £400 is payable at least three terms in advance of entry or immediately if this date is less than three terms ahead at the time of registration. £400 will be refunded on the final school fees bill after your child has left the school. Should your child for whatever reason not join the school this deposit is not refundable.

In addition, a £1,000 Reception place deposit is due a year in advance of your child joining or moving up to the Reception year. This deposit is refunded against your child’s first term of school fees in Reception.

No remission of school fees can be made in the case of absence from school, whether because of illness, injury or any other cause. The School does, however, offer a school Fees Insurance Scheme which provides parents with a cover against loss of fees in such an eventuality (see below). All pupils are included in a Personal Accident Insurance scheme, but parents are advised to ensure that their child’s property and clothing is covered by their own household policy.

The cost of lunches is included within the tuition fee for all year groups.

For any Finance queries please contact Michaela Thornley at mgt@reigategrammar.org.