Welcome to Reigate St Mary’s


Thank you for your interest in our lovely school. My daughters have both been RSM pupils (one still is!) and it is a pleasure for me to share the school’s happy and vibrant atmosphere with prospective families.


Whether you are considering Reigate St Mary’s for our nursery (from 2 1/2 years), for Reception entry or are interested in a place further up the school, I am here to help with the Admissions process.

The best way to get a feel for our school is of course to visit us, whether at an Open Morning or on a private tour. Read more about visiting RSM.

I can also provide you with detailed information about the school in the form of photos, videos and articles, and can arrange video meetings with our Headmaster Mr Culverwell or our Head of Early Years Mrs Selkirk.

Please do get in touch via email or phone: 01737 244880.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jenny Myddleton, Admissions Registrar


When I first stepped through the doors of Reigate St Mary’s I felt immediately that the school was somewhere that my children would enjoy going to school, be happy and nurtured and really thrive. The following five years have only served to confirm my initial good feeling about the school and its staff. It’s obvious how much the staff care about each and every child, helping them reach their full potential but without losing a sense of the child’s personality, really guiding them to becoming the best version of themselves. I could not imagine sending my children to any other school.

Year 2 and Green Shoots Parent