School Uniform and Belongings



The RSM school uniform is supplied by SWOTS in Reigate. For full details, please visit their website and see the uniform lists below:

SWOTS Reigate

The parents association also run second hand uniform sales throughout the year.


What to Bring


RSM logo navy rucksack – See uniform list. Available from SWOTS. Two sizes available: smaller size recommended until Year 3.

Art apron – Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Wellies – Green Shoots, Kindergarten, Years 1 & 2

Old outdoor trainers – For use during playtime on the Bund from Y3 upwards.

Waterproof trousers – Green Shoots, Kindergarten, Reception

Playtime toy – Up to and including Year 2. Pocket-sized please, not expensive/precious/breakable/collectable.

Snacks & water

– Strictly no nuts or sesame (including peanut butter): we have severe allergies in school.

– No chocolate or sweets allowed in school, please.

– Please don’t include items in need of refrigeration.

– Snacks should be sent in small container/s rather than lunch boxes as they need to fit into the child’s tray.

  •   Water bottle filled with still water. Water fountains and dispensers available on site.
  •   Morning snack = fresh or dried fruit or vegetables (please cut grapes in half for Lower School)
  •   Afternoon snack = as above, or fruit loaf, rice cakes, bread sticks, simple sandwich, crackers, popcorn, smoothies, cereal bar
  •   After-school snack = older children doing active Electives would benefit from some extra fuel at the end of the school day


Up to and including Reception – Provided by school, no additional requirements.

Year 1 & 2 – Small named pencil case containing named writing pencils, colouring pencils, felt tips, glue stick, rubber, pencil sharpener, scissors and ruler. Not too bulky so it can easily fit into the children’s trays.

Year 3 – Small, single layer pencil case containing 3 HB pencils, rubber, sharpener, 15cm ruler, 12 coloured pencils (max), scissors, glue stick

Year 4 – Pencil case as per Year 3, plus a fibre tip Berol/Swash/Stabilo handwriting pen.

iPad provided by school, for use largely within school, but for some homework.

Year 5 & 6 – Pencil case as per Year 3, with a 30cm as well as 15cm ruler, fibre tip Berol/Swash/Stabilo handwriting pen, orange ink and turquoise/blue ink pens (for peer/self-assessment), a pair of mathematical compasses, protractor (ideally coloured), basic (not scientific) calculator, a thesaurus and an English dictionary.

iPad provided by school, for use at school and at home.


PE, Games & swimming clothing/kit

Please refer to the second page of our Uniform List.




We cannot tell you how much we admire your teachers, the philosophy and ethos of RSM and the total commitment from everyone to the rounded education of our children.

Parent 2021

Throughout the school, all pupils are confident, articulate and emotionally mature for their age.

ISI Inspection Report Dec 2015

My daughter is having the time of her life at RSM! She comes out of school full of smiles and information about her day - it’s so lovely to see.

Parent 2022