Teaching Staff


  • Headmaster
    Mr M Culverwell
    MAEd, Brunel University / Cert.Ed University of Wales, Cardiff
  • Assistant Head (Welfare) and DSL
    Mrs A Gower
    BA Joint Honours in French and German, PGCE
  • Deputy Head
    Mrs A Wright
    BA (Hons) Durham University, PGCE
  • Assistant Head (Management)
    Mrs K Gibb
    BA (Hons) PGCE
    Mrs L Masarati
    BA (Hons) NASENCO
  • Assistant Head (Lower School)
    Mrs P May
    BA, PGCE
  • Operations Manager, Privacy Officer and MIS Manager
    Mrs R Gibbs
  • Head of Lower School and Deputy DSL
    Mrs S Selkirk
    BEd (Hons)
  • Director of Digital Strategy
    Mr S Williams
    BEd (Hons)
  • Head of Choral Music
    Mrs T Glynne-Jones


  • Mrs A Clark
    NVQ3, Upper School Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs A Gower
    BA Joint Honours in French and German, PGCE, Assistant Head (Welfare), Maths Teacher Years 3&4
  • Ms C Campbell
    Maths Teacher
  • Mrs C Cooper
    Year 3 Class Teacher
  • Mrs D Baker
    BSc (Hons) PGCE, Science Coordinator, Year 6 Form Teacher
  • Mr D Makroum
    Year 5 Class Teacher
  • Mrs D Shoosmith
    Teaching Assistant
  • Miss H White
    MSc, PGCE, Year 5 Form Teacher, Upper School Phase Leader
  • Mrs J Beglan
    Part Time Teacher
  • Mrs J McCartney
    Upper School Teaching Assistant
  • Ms J Mons
    Year 6 Mandarin Teacher
  • Mrs J Sayles
    Upper School Teaching Assistant
  • Miss J Shear
    BA Ed QTS, Year 3 Form Teacher, Art Lead
  • Mrs K Gibb
    BA (Hons) PGCE, Year 3 Form Teacher, Assistant Head (Management)
  • Mrs K Goldsworthy
    BA (Hons) French, Upper School Teaching Assistant, ELSA
  • Mrs L Brotzel
    Teaching Assistant/Librarian
  • Mrs L Chase
    Learning Support Assistant
  • Ms L Duff
    Learning Support Assistant
  • Mrs L Eveleigh
    Girls Games Coordinator
  • Mrs L Nicholson
    BEd (Hons), Outreach Coordinator, Part Time Teacher
  • Mrs L van Pelt
    Year 4 Form Teacher, MTheol (Hons), PGCE
  • Miss M Ibaceta
    Spanish Teacher
  • Mrs N Petersen-Jones
    Dance Coordinator and Upper School Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs N Taylor
    HLTA, NVQ 3, Upper School Teaching Assistant
  • Mr P Alden
    BA (Hons), PGCE, Masters in Education and NPQH, Year 4 Form Teacher, Middle School Phase Leader, Head of House (Malcolmson)
  • Mrs P Davey
    Upper School Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs P Rushby
    BEd (Hons), Year 6 Form Teacher, English and Drama Coordinator, Head of House (Searle)
  • Mrs R Chalder
    BA (Hons) Upper School Teaching Assistant
  • Mr R Forsyth
    BSc (Hons), Maths Teacher and Head of Sport
  • Mrs R Walters
    BA (Hons), Year 5 Form Teacher
  • Mrs R de Graauw
    Batchelor of Teaching (Primary), BEd, Year 4 Form Teacher, Apple Teacher
  • Mrs S Hall-Edwards
    Upper School Teacher PT
  • Mrs S J Whitehead
    BA (Hons), PGCE, Music Coordinator
  • Mrs S Newland
    NVQ Level 3, Upper School Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs S Sedgwick
    BA (Hons), Year 6 Form Teacher
  • Mr S Williams
    BEd (Hons), Director of Digital Strategy, Head of House (Osmond)
  • Mr T Austin
    BA (Hons) Year 4 Form Teacher, Head of House (Hobson)


  • Mrs A Salmon
    NVQ3, Year 2 Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs A Tharp
    Lower School PE and Games Teacher
  • Mrs B Hopkins
    Lower School Teaching Assistant/Wrap Around Care and Early Years Holiday Club Co-ordinator
  • Mrs C Saunders
    BSc (Hons), PGCE, Year 1 Class Teacher, Lower School Maths Coordinator
  • Miss D Hewson
    Lower School Supply Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs E Cleland
    Dyslexia Specialist
  • Mrs E Forsyth
    QTS Certificate of Education, Part Time Supply Teacher
  • Miss G Loraine
    BA (Hons) in early Childhood with Psychology, Year 1 Teacher
  • Miss K Buick
    Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs L Browning
    Games Teacher
  • Mrs L Chippendale
    CACHE Level 3, Lower School Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs L Eveleigh
    Girls Games Coordinator
  • Mrs L Metcalfe
    OCR Level 3 Award, HLTA, Lower School Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs P May
    BA, PGCE, Year 1 Form Teacher, Assistant Head (Lower School)
  • Mrs R Peters
    Year 2 Form Teacher
  • Mrs S J Whitehead
    BA (Hons) PGCE, Music Coordinator
  • Ms V Bessant
    BEd, DipM, Year 2 Form Teacher, KS1 Phase Leader


  • Ms A Delaney
    Green Shoots Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs B Rayner
    Early Years Lead Teacher
  • Miss C Marlow
    NNEB, Reception Teaching Assistant
  • Ms C Salvage
    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Ms E Blows
    Green Shoots and Kindergarten Music Teacher
  • Mrs H Higginbotham
    BA (Hons), QTS, Combined Humanities Coordinator Lower School, Science Coordinator EYFS, Reception Teacher
  • Mrs H Jayasinghe
    BA (Hons) QTS, Kindergarten Teacher, Early Years Coordinator
  • Miss J Filmer
    BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies, QTS, Reception Teacher
  • Ms J Ward
    Reception Learning Support Assistant
  • Mrs L Brotzel
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs L Howell
    EYFS Higher Diploma Level 4, Green Shoots Teacher
  • Ms L Thornhill
    KG Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs M Minson
    NVQ 3, Kindergarten Teaching Assistant
  • Ms M Phillips
    Kindergarten Teaching Assistant
  • Miss R Bew
    BA (Hons) Early Years Education, QTS, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Mrs R Pini
    Learning Support Assistant
  • Mrs S Burnett
    Teaching Assistant
  • Ms S Lappin
    Green Shoots Teaching Assistant
  • Miss S Page
    BA (Hons), QTS, Reception Form Teacher, PSHE Coordinator, Early Years and Lower School DSL
  • Mrs S Woodcock
    NVQ3, Early Years Deputy DSL, Green Shoots Teacher
  • Mrs V Hardy
    NVQ3, Reception Teaching Assistant


  • Mrs F Silvester-Thorne
    Speech and Language Therapist
  • Mrs J Marshall
    Assistant SENCO
  • Mrs L Masarati
  • Mrs S Bhatiani
    SEND Support
  • Ms S Roswell
    SEND Support


  • Mr A Finch
  • Miss A Fordyce
  • Miss C Seymour
  • Miss R Pain


  • Mrs Barbosa
  • Mrs C Willacy
    Speech and Language Therapist
  • Miss D Xenakis
    Violin, BMus GSMD
  • Mrs H Aiken
  • Mr I Ibbott
  • Miss I McLean
  • Mrs J Evans
    Ballet and Dance
  • Mr J Mann
    Guitar, ATCL (MusEd)
  • Mr P Legg
  • Mr R Dykes
  • Mr S Carlo
  • Mrs S Maxwell
  • Mrs S Wright
    Ba (Hons), Music Department Support
  • Mr Tims
    Mini Crickets
  • Mr Watts


  • Roberta Occupati
    School Counsellor